The Cafe of the Art Faculty in Athens

Andreas Litis
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There are many times, when I have this false impression, that I know everything about the city I live in. Truth is, that Athens is a city that surprises me day after day! Unique, vibrant with many faces.

For me personally this is also a fact that excites me, that I have so many things to learn about my city!

One of my favourite local spots in Athens is the Cafe of the National School of Fine Arts in Plaka.

The cafe is located in the premises of a beautiful old house just below the Acropolis hill. There are also lots of events and exhibitions going on, either from former student or others.

The prices are very affordable, actually one of the cheapest in the city center. Have in mind that the bar is self service, so don't make the mistake and sit at the table waiting for the waiter to get your orders!

The best part is the beautiful and quite yard, where you will get away from the city's frenzy.

I love this particular detail about the cafe/yard: If you sit on the tables that are on the top layer and it is night, you can see the city lights of Athens.



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Andreas Litis

My name is Andreas and i am an Informatic student at Athens Business School. I have a passion about web design, entrepreneurship, good movies/films and food. I was born at Munich, my parents are from Konstantinople and i have a Swedish passport. What a mess! I like to travel, to meet new people and cultures. The last 17 years i live in Athens, which secrets i share at since 2010.

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