The Acropolis, Plaka and Anafiotika in Athens

Evita Kolokouri
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You cannot describe me as a person that thinks too much about where to go on a Friday night. The last 5 years i have not been out in bars, cafes, or restaurants much. I live in Athens but i can never stay somewhere for too long, i am always on the move.

I love Athens like crazy. I calm in her antique shops, i get stronger in her busy streets and i get inspired byt her old buidling. This is the reason i just let myself go within her streets, without thinking about it.

In Athens, i end up usually where my friends are, where the mood indicates, or the moments and i cannot compare any experience i had to random walks especially in this are we all call Anafiotika.

I can hardly have a memory of me sitting in a bar or restaurant, but on the other hand i have millions of memories of me and my friends hanging out near Acropolis, on benches or rocks.

This feeling of the ancient and old Athens, is reviving. It accompanies me when i go back home and when i am ready to get out again next morning.


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Evita Kolokouri

My name is Evita and just turned 22! I study because I want to deal with the development of social entrepreneurship among young people and try to learn as much as possible about it. I love traveling, movies and the beach!

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