The "Archontiko" experience in Stavroupoli, Xanthi

Athina Ioannidou
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I find it hard to realise why we often reject nearby destinations and choose to travel to distant ones. Maybe its because we tend to neglect what is nect to us.

With minimum money in our pockets we decided to visit a close destination like Stavroupoli of Xanthi, about an hour away by car and tripadvisor helped us pick a traditional mansion to host us, "To Archontiko". The reviews were stunning.

So we started our way to Stavroupoli and our accommodation "To Archontiko", where our host Pantelis was waiting for us. Pantelis proved to be a perfect host, friend and an expert on where to go and what to do during our stay.

We left our luggage, choose a room and sat at the living room where Pantelis treated us with Loukoumi dessert and started explaining about our options. Where should we eat, what should we do, which are the area's sightseeings and many other questions were answered within an hour of conversation. Well we realised that our option were too many and the days of stay too little. How could we overlook a place so rich with sightseeings and activities?

Our room was fabulous, designed to the detail with old furniture and an amazing window view to Nestos Rock. Over the bed there was a hand-made weft which made us feel like being in a Palace.

Next to our room there was the living room, the kitchen and a big fire place, giving you the impression that this is not a mansion but almost like your home. We had a hot tea, picked from the collection of local herbs Pantelis is keeping in the selves of "To Archontiko".

Next morning we heard Pantelis entering the kitchen to preper us the breakfast. We didn't expect the result. We had local marmelades made with wild fruits, we had eggs, we had traditional pies and cakes and an amazing trahana soup with pumpik. What a great way to start your day!

Above and over the beautiful rooms, the traditional furniture and the details of the mansion, the thing that makes spaces to differ are the people behind them. People like Pantelis love what they do, always improve their business, love to offer, love to became friends with their customers and is next to you whatever you need. These fine human elements will make us go back for another visit.

We would like to thank Pantelis for his affection and wish that "To Archontiko"will always remain the gem of the area.


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