Mini Guide to South Pelion and Agia Kyriaki village.

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When they told me South Pelion i could not imagine anything like what i met in Agia Kyriaki village. Agia Kyriaki is not like the ordinary villages of Pelion. It is a traditional village, a classic fishing village with magnificent structure. Although it is only 80 km from Volos, from the very first moment you set foot in this fishing ground, you feel that time passes more slowly.

For history fans

It is essential to learn more about the history of the region. We visited one of the most interesting folklore museums we have ever seen. I refer to the museum of Ag. Kyriaki, which is next to the guesthouse and the person responsible is always willing to tell stories from the past with pride. Worths a visit. We learned so many things about the region we coul not even imagine. From an architectural point of view, interesting is the Church of Agia Kyriaki built in 1886 in Agia Kyriaki village.

To eat

The area has a long tradition in fishing. Essentially its inhabitants used to live out of it and this tradition is reflected to the food you will enjoy. Excellent seafood and unique crayfish you will enjoy at "Athanasia tavern" for many reasons that we will not reveal but you can find out for yourself. If you are yet to Kotes village, you have to try some food dishes by the hands of Mrs Asimina, ask and learn.

For nature lovers

If you are a "hiker" and you like strolling in nature, you have four options according to your hiking capabilities. First, the paved path that will take you from Agia Kiriaki to Trikeri, only 1.5 km, ie piece of cake. Second comes the path of Milos-Faros (20 minutes) that passes through the picturesque harbor of Geroplinas and is also easy. Finally for the strong hikers there are Trikeri - Kotes (1 hour) and Trikeri - Alogoporos if you're an expert (9km with ups and downs). The nature compensates.

For beach lovers.

If you again are the type of person who wants to enjoy the sea, the waters of the region are crystal clear due to the increased rate of renewal of water at the mouth of Pagasitikos, so along with raki-hopping and crayfish pasta, you shall enjoy some beach-hopping, just remember which comes first!

Photos by Agia Kyriaki Guesthouse, Urban Hypsteria


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