Going from Volos to Milies by train Moutzouris

Eleftheria Psoma
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I always felt it as an obligation to visit Milies village by train Moutzouris

As a child i heard many stories since my grandfather was the driver of the famous "Moutzouris" train. So i decided to try this experience to celebrate the arrival of Spring time.

If you want too know why the Mountain of Centaurs (aka. Pelion) is so special, you have to visit Milies on foot plus train. You can hike right next to the train rails and during this time you will enjoy Historical Architectures like the Railway station of Milies and the Bridge of the Italian Architect De Cirico (yes the father of Georgio De Cirico).

The scenery is amazing. You think you could have watched it in an American movie. There are trees creating natural tunnels where the light fades and you fear of something coming out to you. Perfect place for photography lovers. The path ends where you want it to end. If you decide to take it all the way you will reach the village " Ano Lehonia", where the train Moutzouris starts its journey.

There is also a second path, a more harsh one which will take you to the Cave of Centaur and the picturesque church of Taxiarxis. To reach that point you have to take a big breath and get yourself ready for a difficult hike.

So, are you ready for it? Go up, following the very intense fauna of the area, get into a gorge, then follow a very narrow path with the cliff right next to you until you notice a small church at the end of the rock. This is quite harsh but also very pleasing and different from what you usually do everyday. It is an experience!

Whe you get tired and you decide to call the day off, you can enjoy some really tasty food at the taverna "Old station" right next to Milies train station, or you can go up at the central square of the village Milies and choose between various tavernas, cafes and shop.

Don't you miss this adventure!


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Eleftheria Psoma

My name is Elefheria Psoma and i work as a tourist guide in Volos area. When i am planning a trip, as a traveler, i know from the beginning that i will be very tired when it end, but full of moments, memories, knowledge and scenery on my mind. I want to go everywhere, to see, taste and hear everything. I' ve always excited by traveling and maybe this is the reason why I chose to work as a licensed tourist guide, with first degree in Archaeology. My favorite hero is Odysseus, the traveller, and god Dionysus, god of freedom of people and over every rule. I love the sea because of Kavala, in which I grew up, Thessaloniki and Rhodes, where I studied and Volos, where i do live at the moment .

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