Souliotis Mansion in Metaxohori, Agia, Larissa.

Eirini Pantazi
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We were in a hurry to leave behind the bustle of the city. Even this traffic on the highway was kind of annoying.  In our minds, we had some amazing photos of Soulioti’s mansion, the guest house that  would accommodated us for a few moments of relaxation.

Before entering to the downhill of Tempi, we turn right to Stomio, following the instructions of Mr. Soulioti and Mr. Nick Duggan,  who was a mountain driver and also our tour guide during our excursions in nature. We let Kissavos on our right and we have a stop in Paleopirgos and Kouloura.

We found the small boats resting on the shores of the Peneus and now we are going down to the delta’s fjord. We continue having the Ossa always on our right, and in our minds that we will travel along the coast. Along the coast…. but, this coast is endless, about 13km smooth beach with crystal-clear waters, accessible to swimmers. We don’t see any intersection for Agia, but there is one for Larissa where we turn right, and the next right turn is for Agia.  Finally  we are arriving. Agia, Metaxochori, central square, we turn left just before the plane tree, that shatters with its roots a huge rock of several tones. We continue for another 150 meters and there is the mansion. It is towering above the street, completely renovated but hides its beauty from us. 

The first picture is from the yard, okay! We came and probably we are here to stay. In this yard, if the weather conditions permit it, you can start with breakfast, continue with coffee, then continue with tsipouro, lunch and then again with tsipouro… And weather conditions allowed it to.

It is November and we enjoyed the colorful beauty of nature and the warm care of the hostess Mrs Mersine, and host Mr Souliotis, that welcomed us in the courtyard and they made us feel from the first moment that we have came for weekend at the cottage, and what a cottage! The rooms have their own character and each of them was tastefully and traditionally furnished.

The mansion, inside and outside, shows that has been made with love and respect to the local architecture. After a refreshing sleep, in the morning  the absolute silence was spectacular. Only the light of the sun informed us that it has dawned for good.

Sooo time for breakfast! Home made! Do not expect the familiar standard continental, just cooked breakfast prepared in the mansion or in organic manufacturers. We ate generous quantities of jam, on top of thickly sliced ​​bread, and several slices of salted cakes.

During the morning we learned that the mansion is not just a place for accommodation, but a cell of the cultural organization of Metaxochori, that is used for artistic events. 

If you want to see or at least try what the region can give you, you’ll have to spent at least two or even three long weekends…So, until the next time, a big thank you to Ms.Mersini and Mr.Soulioti for their hospitality.

P.S. And to drink that biological tsipouro from Tyrnavos, again!


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