Extreme Sports και Μαγειρευτά στο Μεταξοχώρι της Αγιάς.

Eirini Pantazi
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With Nikos Ntagkas and Olympus Adventure you can do what we call outdoor activities.

Don't you worry. You don't have to be champions of Kayak to follow him in Penios river, but watch out some turns are pretty hard to manage.

If Kayak is too much for you then you can try hiking the Penios Delta or do some bird watching.

For outdoor fans, Nikos can take you to hike Karla Mountain. Hiking was easy to medium with a coffee break at Kissavos mountain and then a take-down doing mountain bike towards Panagia spot, flying fox, rafting, mountain climning and so much more .... Enough! I came up to here to rest, not to exhaust myself.

After the extreme sports you are always hungry and a locally baked food is the ideal solution for your hunger. We tried tavern "Elia" at Ano Sotiritsa village. The daily dishes had almost vanished but we managed to negotiate on a dish of beef with pasta and a dish of pork with spinach (Frekase it is called).

After having our lunch we had the chance to digest all this food in the best way we could: hiking towards the triple-waterfalls.

Tip: Don't follow the signs and especially the path, but go down the main road at the left of the village's square which will take you to the beggining of the path. Then walk towards the waterfalls. There are three of them dropping in the same small lagoon, which is quite amazing.

For waterfall fans you have to try them during summer time, when you can swim and enjoy all three of them.

Next time i want Nikos Ntagkas to take me to Kalypsos Gorge and its waterfall.

You need at least 3 weekends to enjoy the whole nature of Metaksohori and Agia.

Try it!


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