A unique travel route at the top of Skopelos

Kostas Siros
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Above the town of Skopelos, at the end of the ring road, begins a journey in the inner parts of the island.

Here's your chance to get away from the dull reality! Shaded gorges full of chestnuts, olive trees, plum trees, hidden beaches such as "Vathias" and the "Glysteri" and ancient tombs known as "Sentukia".  Above all these stands the highest peak of the island, Delphi.

If you manage to reach the abandoned buildings of "Meladioti", you have 10 minutes left to get at the top of the island! The Altitude is at 680m and the view is endless. I suggest you to do this walk in the very morning, maybe around 6.30 to 7.00 to get the best visibility and to take the most impressive photos.

Get a map of the island and you will notice that the route i suggest forms a circle in the interior mountain area of the island. This amazing travel route will blow your mind, so get your breakfast and start a morning expedition. The road is safe all along.

ON your way you will meet "Drakontoschisma", a spot not many people are aware of. You will see a stand of realigious paintings and portrets, right next to a very stiff cliff. According to tradition, this spot was ripped in the middle by a miracle performed by Saint Riginos, when he tried to eradicate a dragon.

On your way from Skopelos to Agnonda, right after area Stafilos, the road takes a slight downhill slope. On your left you will find a rural road and after 200 meters you will reach at a very magical place. Your camera will immortalize very impressive scenes.

The entire route from Skopelos to Loutraki has to offer you numerous images and scents of the natural beauty of the island.


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Kostas Siros

I was born and raised in Skopelos and because of my involvement with scientific conferences organized by the Folklore Museum of Skopelos i was able to learn a lot about the island out of archived photographs and interviews with older professionals this island garnered. At the same time, i maintain personal blog about Skopelos with content relevant to the history, tradition and life of the island: http://skopelosholidays.weebly.com

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