Holidays in Skopelos means a lot!

Kostas Siros
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In the whole Aegean sea you will not meet such vivid and harmonical colors like the blue of the sky and see and the green of the trees and mountains of the Skopelos island. When reaching Skopelos on the ferry, you will stant still and admire it. When you will start exploring it by car, bike, or on foot, you will feel this desire to stay there for ever.... Routine is not a case here. It fades because of the smell from the pine and myrtie trees. Time stops, and the soul is at ease, while listening to the birds songs and the calming sound of the waves touching the land.

A trip to Skopelos means a lot!

The locals are very friendly and they will endorse you like one of their own. The changing scenery of Skopelos, will make your eyes rest and offer you the desired calmness of yout body and your soul. The nature, the architecture, the churches, the hills, the top of the mountains and the valleys will capture your mind with feelings of joy, tranquility and nostalgy for your next visit.

You will enjoy the idyllic sunsets at PanormoAgnosta and Elios. The smell of night flowers and the smell of the baked plum of August, will enter your forever-memory. During the night, the port of Skopelos is getting crowded and the tavernas, pastry shops, bar and travel shops are full of people. Pick a place according to your taste, mood and budget. If you are not up to crowded places, you can choose Elios village, or Loutraki. During July and August you can visit many religious fiestas at the detached churches of the island. They totally worth it. Don't hesitate to get over there and participate in the religious part and the fun part, ofcourse. People will hand to you food and wine!

My most favorite thing to do in Skopelos, is to stay for some days in the rural area. To rent a traditional house and get in touch with the beauty of the scenery. I find myself circled by olive trees, pulm and pine trees, by running waters and fountains. I wake up in the morning with the sound of birds and the movement of leaves on the trees. I will have my breakfast, bread, plum marmelade, goat milk and the delicious cheesepie of Skopelos. Then i go down the beach to have my morning dips and dives, until noon. I choose to eat a momentum launch, like cooked meat from a local farmer with tomatoes and onions, red wine and cicada music. After my noon-siesta, i will treat myself with a strong coffee or tea and a traditional deserts or a spoon of almond mush (yeaaaahhh.....i's delicious).

A trip to Skopelos is never enough to endevour all the beauties of the island. This is the reason many travellers will get back to Skopelos several times. Some of them will end up buying a house and living the during the  whole year!!

The return to Skopelos is a fact...


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Kostas Siros

I was born and raised in Skopelos and because of my involvement with scientific conferences organized by the Folklore Museum of Skopelos i was able to learn a lot about the island out of archived photographs and interviews with older professionals this island garnered. At the same time, i maintain personal blog about Skopelos with content relevant to the history, tradition and life of the island:

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