The best beaches in Skopelos island.

Kostas Siros
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The beaches in Skopelos are exotic. The end.

I hope you will have the time to enjoy them all because they are the type of beaches with vivid blue water and very green pine trees reflecting on them.

First beach on my list is "Stafillos", about 4km away from Skopelos. It is a natural port for boats and a great beach to enjoy when the wind is very strong. Just behind "Stafillos beach" you will get to visit the second beach on my list, the amazing and very peculiar "Velanio Beach". If you follow the path leading to Velanio Beach, you might notice the remnants of the temple of the first prince of the island, "Stafillos Prince".

Third on my list is a beach with a very thin white sand and its name is "Limnonari Beach". You will get there right after passing Agnontas area.

I also suggest the crowded beach of Panormos beach, 17 km away from Skopelos, the Milies beach, 2 km after Panormos, Kastani Beach after Milies and Chovolos beach at the Elios village.

But if you want to sun bath and swim on your own and feel like Robinson crusoe, then you have to follow me somewhere else. I am going to take you to some beaches only locals know. At the entrance of Glossa Village, starts an uphill road, which afters a lot of turns and turbulance will lead you to Perivoli beach. Also, starting from Loutraki Beach and heading to Skopelos, you will cross by two detached beaches. They are formed by two small creeks, "Katakalos" creek and "Kostas" creek. You don't have to carry too many stuff with you. Prefer to get a lot of water or fruits with you and leave yourself free to enjoy your swim and rest under the shadows of the small trees.


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Kostas Siros

I was born and raised in Skopelos and because of my involvement with scientific conferences organized by the Folklore Museum of Skopelos i was able to learn a lot about the island out of archived photographs and interviews with older professionals this island garnered. At the same time, i maintain personal blog about Skopelos with content relevant to the history, tradition and life of the island:

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