Casa Kalypso, the welcoming home of Calypso at Alonnisos island.

Athina Ioannidou
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Casa Kalypso

It could be the home of Calypso, the nymph that enchanted Ulysses and kept him away from Ithaca for seven years. Kept him on the island, in the gardens, around all this beauty and she magnetized him precisely as we were magnetized while at the balcony of Casa Kalypso staring at the breathtaking sea view near the beautiful creek of Glyfa beach, right next to the fishing port of Steni Valla.

In marketing world, they say place is important, a phrase totally explained when suddenly you take the mountain turn and you see from above two green bays embracing a beautiful view at the sea and the island of Peristera sparkles as the sun reflects on the Aegean waters.

We talked on the phone with Katerina for our imminent arrival but we were finally welcomed byJoanna the second sister, holding a refreshing glass of fresh lemonade which we desperately needed after our lengthy trip. Both the sister used to sent all their summers here at Alonnisos, since their Mom was born here, so it was quite an easy decision to leave Athens during the summer and welcome dear visitors at Casa Kalypso, withs its great vews at the sea and a big garden which is curated with great love by Mrs Leni,the mom!

Mrs Leni was very busy with her garden projects, going here and there all the time, never stopping and she had a reason for that. "They (the visitors) have to see me working restless, so not to claim Greeks are lazy! I have to change their opinion, she said with a smile. Its her way of negotiating i guess.

Joanna took us to our room and left us to enjoy its comfort. The color white is prominent and the decor is minimalist, reminding me that things are the least you need while in vacation. A design sofa, a cosy kitchenette and a totally comfortable bed with a small window looking at the Greek sky. What we basically needed on your vacation was to spend some time out at the balcony, sit at the comfortable chairs and sent our vision at a mission somewhere between the landscape, the sea and the sky.

The Guesthouse of Mrs Leni, Joanna and Katerina is perfect for liberating sessions including yoga, meditation and life coaching experiences, as we are told that this part of the island holds a very powerful energy that can change your life. The Guesthouses hosts many activities like that and attracts visitors from all over Europe!

The sadness of farewell was moderated somewhat by the gifts from our hostesses. A jar of handmade Alonisso tone, which is their most popular and delicious product and a jam from the hands of Mrs. Leni. Thank you for all everything!


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