Beach hopping at Alonissos - how to do 6 beaches in one day.

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Beach Marathon at the East.

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We had only six hours at our disposal to discover all suggested beaches by Joanna. And as she made very clear the eastern beaches were the best. We began early in the morning and we were to discover Agios Dimitrios, Glyfa, Leftos Gyalos, Kokkinokastro, Chrissi Milia and Milia.

Of course to achieve this goal we followed the following tactic, dip- drying at the sun - next beach - dip - coffee - drying - next beach - dip - pie of Alonnisos - drying - next beach and so on. At first the plan seemed stressful but finally we had so much fan beach hopping which gave us the feeling of a rolling stone!

In June you feel like Adam and Eve on the island. Most parts are not crowded and this makes it a paradise. Every thing around is at your total disposal and it feels like you temporarily own them. If you want a lot of people come next month. May, June and September are for lonely travellers.

1st beach

Agios Dimitrios

It's like a tongue that enters the sea, a cinematic landscape with makeshift umbrellas made of branches of the sea and pebbles instead of sand. There was no single soul when we arrived, except for the owner of the beach bar who was slowly making the hats from the umbrellas.

2nd beach

Leftos Gyalos

Organized, with two beach basr, taverns and thick shadows under olive trees, at Leftos Gyalos we enjoyed a refreshing coffee laying at the sunchairs of "Olive Grove" a stylish beach bar and restaurant. Meanwhile, an Alonnisos pie (which I can not say that thrilled us) was getting ready for us to take away for our next beach station. A pebbled beach also.

3rd beach


Personally my favorite, because I have a passion for red rocks and exotic landscapes created by the sea erosion. A Pebbled beach also whith a very large bay.

4th beach

Chrisi Milia

Here and at Leftos Gyalos we saw the most people, so we ranked them as the popular beaches. The peculiarity of the beach lies in the very thin sand and the bottom is very shallow to the very deep. Suitable for sea-walking and families with kids.

5th beach

Georgie Gyalos

We went down to the beach but we didn't stay cause the seafront was not particularly beautiful, the sea however was taking extreme color schemes. We decided that Georgie Gyalos is for the yatcht travellers.

6th beach


A cool beach with pebbles suitables for those that like nudist beaches.

Eventually this marathon brought to mind Bob Marley and his song "Iron Lion Zion", because like this I felt traveling from beach to beach. It fits the island perfectly as most of it is rocky. Almost all the beaches are pebbly, except the Chrisi Milia. Between the stone subsoil spring unique pines and wild olive trees.


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