Kastraki cafe bar: A modern castle in Kalamata.

Eleftheria Psoma
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In Kalamata at a region called Verga, you can enjoy your meal or coffee or a drink while looking at the sunset, the ships anchored in the bay of Kalamata and lights of the city.

There is a place you can go either to enjoy your dinner or to dance or just to drink calmly. Why do they call it Kastraki? Firstly because it is an old monument being refurbished on the Byzantine and medieval architecture of castles. Its creators made with stone a "modern castle" where you can discover many hidden secrets.

You can literally sit anywhere! Taking a walk in the castle you can pass from passages and arches, climb stairs that lead to secluded tables over the towers, or meet an amphitheater where you can dance, but also you can find armors, thrones and statues. Anything you can imagine. However, it still serves the contemporary needs of the customer by offering prompt service and ample parking within the castle.

I was lucky the day I went as a birthday party was held and the event that followed was awesome. The oweners made ​​sure to delight both guests and us who went just to drink our drinks.

If you ever visit Kalamata don't forget to go to Kastraki. Unforgettable both for its perfect view and for its quality.


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