Goggles and Saytes: Traditional dishes of Monemvasia

Eleni Mathioudaki
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They say that one way to know a place, in addition experience its language and culture , is to taste its the local cuisine. As true believers of this opinion, our first need when we arrived at Monemvasia was to taste the food. "Where should we eat?" And the answer was an excellent one, at "Marianthis restaurant".

Marianthi's restaurant was slightly above our Guesthouse, located on the main road through the castle. There were no more than ten tables, eight inside and two outside. The kitchen is not inside the restaurant but just next door where lady Magda literally excels. The tavern is open from 12 noon to 9 pm and you will enjoy nothing less than fresh food. Nothing is frozen or precooked. The Menu was standart and differed every day. Indeed, the next day we caught lady Magda with minced meat in her hands, ready to shape the meatballs she would offer us later that day. 

Of course we seeked for the traditional food of the Monemvasia. So, we had the chance to try Goggles, Saytes and Stamna . All of the hands of Mrs. Magda .

To feed your curiosity, Goggles are handmade ( yes handmade! ) Pasta, cooked in butter and served only with local cheese.

The Saytes are local vegetable pies with very thin crust, handmade of course, while the Stamna is pork bites served with potatoes in a clay pot. Famous are lady Magda's meatballs (which incidentally reminded me of my grandmother's) and unfortunately we did not have the chance to try her moussaka. She confessed Mousaka's recipe and we were truly intrigued as it wasn't made with meat!

Our food was accompanied by a local dry red wine branded after the tavern's name. I always prefer the semi-sweet red wine, this one, however, was different. The bottle was empty very fast.

Finally and most importantly, i have to present you lady Magda. A hospitable, smiling and friendly woman, who will immediately make you feel at home and give you what you ask for information not only for food but also about Monemvasia and its attractions.

We left with the best impressions and i have to admit that i still have the taste of that food in my mouth!


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