Delicious Tapas at "Karvassaras", in Trypi village.

Iosif Papadopoulos
Delicious Food
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The prefecture of Laconia is known for its Byzantine castle of Mystras. Very close to castle there is a village that was unknown to me some time ago. It's called Trypi and it's located just 6 miles from the castle, on the road that leads to Kalamata. Entering the village, my eye falls on a small tavern on the left side of the road, with a nice tree to provide shade in the tables. Here we are, I think... cold beer, shadow and holy God.

'Vacation Center the Karvassaras" wrote the old (faded from years) sign at the entrance of the restaurant. Literally built into the rock and beside it runs nonstop gurgling water. I sit at a table under the tree, and as the girl came to get our order... she stops at fountain and fill the jug with the most refreshing gulp of water I've ever had the pleasure to drink....

Cool straight from the source, the best to quench the thirst of anyone. I understand that something good plays here. And I did not fall out at all.

Confirmation came with the dishes we ordered. Where do I start;

The tops of pumpkins like you've ever eaten them before. It is a heavenly snack with pumpkin sprouts, green beans, zucchini, Swiss chard and lots of herbs together with fresh tomato sauce. I'll tell you one thing. I ordered this out of curiosity because I do not eat pumpkin and I ate two dishes .... This flavor is supernatural. The next shock was with meatballs dipped in a delicious braised sauce and the fried potatoes, which were handmade. I am still thinking about them. We continue with savory of wine, with chicken pieces and pork married perfectly with fresh tomato sauce which also matches incredibly with cold beer. Just in time, arrives the special Kagianas with fresh tomato and melted goat cheese.

And while we're in a duel with our forks, and we try not to injure one another, Mr. Yiannis comes out of the kitchen to join our table. Smiling and cheerful he stays in our company, to take a breath from the kitchen and get to know us. Immediately we start the conversation and the first thing we ask for is the name. "Karvassara", he said, is the name of the water fountain where the girl filled the jug when we sat. The history of the tavern starts around 1940 where his grandfather Aspiotis (first owner) dug with his hands the rock and built the shop. And when we say that he built it into the rock we mean it. Internally the shop has only refrigerators and kitchen, which are tucked into the rock. I was surprised when I walked in the kitchen and saw it.

Mr. Yiannis informed us that all the products (meats, cheeses, vegetables, eggs, etc.) are only from local producers. This justifies their incredible taste. He also told us that the oil he used is organic and his own production, so you can understand the quality of the oil. And of course he didn't hide his secret from us, for the specialties of the restaurant, the tops of pumpkins. He told us that every night they cut the shoots of the pumpkins, put them in water and have them ready for the next day for cooking.

And so we continued.... We have cold beer and savories so the time passes by without realizing it . As we were leaving, we thanked Mr. Yiannis and renewed our appointment for the next time which I really hope to be soon.

Mr Yiannis... We wish you health and happiness!!


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