The holy monastery of the Virgin Philosopher in Peloponnese.

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One more reason to visit beautiful Dimitsana village (especially for the nature lovers and the wayfarers) is the magical hiking paths in nature. I chose to combine a unique walk with a visit to an old monument of historical and religious importance.

The Holy Monastery of Panagia the Philosopher offers the visitor with a complete experience. The new monastery of the philosopher dates back in 1691 while the old monastery was founded in 963 A.D. and has served as a secret school during the Ottoman occupation.

The new monastery is in perfect condition thanks to the monks who reside in it, and take care of its maintenance. I had the pleasure to meet father Peter, who gave me water to freshen up and candies after a brief orientation, in order to get energy and begin the hiking-descent to the Secret School.

Starting with the new monastery, the visitor has the opportunity to wander in the nature and by taking the path that is located in the Gorge of Lousios River from the west side and at a height about 200 meters from it, you re directed to the old monastery, or else the Secret School. Even in the winter the vegetation around is dense, while the nature has endowed this place and gave it a wide range of rare plants.

The descent is kind of easy, because there is a pavement and steps in a large part of the route. The hiking doesn’t last more than 30 minutes and I am in the wreckage of the old monastery very soon. Impressed by the tall stone-built wall that literally hides the monastery from those who are outside, I follow the very narrow and low path to the right.

Very soon, I can see the historic church, built on a hill inside the rock. Unfortunately there haven’t been much left of it because the passage of time and the Turks were hard on it. Nevertheless I feel happy and lucky that I visited this great monument and enjoyed the ride on the beautiful hillside.


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