Enastron Guesthouse - The "star" Guesthouse in the heart of Dimitsana.

Peggy Tzane
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Some more than 200 kilometers away from Athens and with about 2.5 hours of driving, we arrived at Dimitsana. The first thought that crossed my mind was that this is both a summer and winter destination. That's because it combines a very beautiful and verdant nature, graphic landscapes, opportunities for hiking and extreme sports, but also good food. And these are all things that the visitor can enjoy during all seasons. Nevertheless I felt lucky that I visited it in winter. The stone houses with the roofs of red tiles and the cobblestone streets reminded me mountainous villages of northern Greece and the snow that had just fallen made the scenery even more romantic.

The Enastron guest house is built just above the central square of the village, in a wonderful location, overlooking the entire Dimitsana. An uphill narrow street leads to the guest house. The beautiful impressive stone front denotes the warmth and hospitality of the place. Wood was burning in the fireplace and the hosts. Mrs. Dora and Mr. George welcomed me and lead me to the warm room, by stepping down the stairs.

A comfortable and welcoming place with its own fireplace, both traditional and modern decor, with high-quality materials. There’s some strong tsipouro in a crystal bottle, a treat from the hosts and right next to it, local loukoumia to sweeten us. The room except for its main door has another one, which leads the visitor to the lower part of the guest room, so you can find very quickly yourself to the square, the heart of the village, only by stepping some small stairs. Back in the room I was surprised when I discovered that the heating is under floor. For the romantics there is always available the fireplace with plenty of woods and firelighters. Equally impressive are the bathroom with the large shower and the unique floor with the pebbles in light shades. The good taste of our hostess Mrs. Dora is dominant due to the excellent choice of care products in the bathroom. 

After a good sleep on our comfortable bed another pleasant surprise was waiting for us at breakfast. A wide range of traditional products, all handmade, made from the hosts, waiting for us to devour. Homemade cheese pie, jams of all species and natural fresh cake of course. The caring owner Mr. George immediately squeezes the oranges and brings them to the table. Without asking Mrs. Dora served us some omelet from fresh home grown eggs, well done toasts and finally small hot pancakes with honey and cinnamon.

The hospitality in Enastron Guesthouse is truly personable and you can tell is is offered with lots of love and merak. It is about a family-run business that has opened its doors the last seven years and continues until today to ensure that the days a visitor will spend at Dimitsana will be carved in their minds.


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