Pelio: The miracle of the Gods of nature.

Athina Ioannidou
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There are not many words that can describe the distinctiveness and beauty of Pelio. A wild and steep place, a miracel of the Greek nature, is chosen by the "determined" travelers.

Divided into eastern, western, northern and southern Pelio, each part has something special to brag about. The truth is that Pelio is the home of water, plane trees, lush vegetation, apple trees, chestnuts, walnuts, 50 + unique species of mushrooms, secluded beaches and countless coves. This is what nature has generously given to Pelio.

A place full of special energy, Pelion stands behind clumps of trees, ivy plants, streams, waterfalls and countless hydrangeas flowers. The countless hydrangeas in the courtyards of the local houses are the most beautiful thing I've seen in my life.

Man, has been trying for years to tame this land of absolute nature and hydrangeas, without success. The unstoppable nature of Pelion covers human interventions within a few days. The locals told us that they are struggling to keep nature controlled in their houses and yards.

Pelio's architecture is superb. Primarely traditional, with beautiful stone-made houses and big country yards, they live behind the jugling nature. I was very delighted to notice that human construction activity could not beat down Pelion's nature. On the contrary the endless tall trees and expansive ivy do not allow the buildings to conquer the scenery.

Pelio of the unspoken beauty, is a total summer destination. Traditional houses, dew from trees, quirky creeks, over 50 hiking routes between the villages and beaches and beautiful landscapes and views to the sea.

"Tsagarada", "Milies", "Vyzitsa", "Damouhari" and "Zagora" were some of the beautiful places we encountered. In the future we hope to meet the rest Pelio and try hopping on the re-furbished train taking you from Volos to Pelio.


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