Kazaviti village in Thasos.

Athina Ioannidou
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A small paradise built well into tall trees, water, paved streets, colored windows and small captivating yards.

The Kazaviti is built on the north side of the island, high on the slopes of Mount Ypsario, in a stunning piece of forest with a fantastic sea view. Yes Kazaviti got it all, all the gifts of the world. So it seems at least.

The road to the village is very beautiful and if you stop 5-6 turns before arriving at the village, you will be able to see it all amphitheatrically built in an oasis of greenery and water. Gorgeous as she stands in calls you to explore it.

We left our bike at the village entrance and followed an uphill paved road leading us at the heart of the Kazaviti. The first thing we met was the central square, shadowed by an enormous plane tree, accompanied by the square's tavern, a place where you can rest and enjoy the breeze.

We conitnued upwards because we still had a lot to see. We met the café "Aniforos",  houses on the right and left with exquisite architecture and streets which led to secret passages. Do not hesitate to walk between the small houses and go around the village.

We wandered aimlessly throughout the village, following any footpath we liked. Believe me Kazaviti is like a labyrinth, you can get lost in its alleys although it is tiny.

Kazaviti is so idyllic, beautiful and exotic that convinced many foreign travelers to love it and to move there, buying their own house. What about us, should we give it the attention it deserves?


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