Handmade carvings in Potos of Thassos

Stella Tsiakalou
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If you aim to spend your holidays in Thassos, except for the unique beaches - the Marble beach & the Giola, the famous sweet nut and delicious honey and the ability to experience the unique natural beauty of the place, do not forget to visit the shop of Mr. Evangelou in Potos village. In "Perigiali" the so called small shop, you will find small little treasures like the unique masterpieces of Mr. Evangelou.

Paintings, magnets and keychains as souvenirs, painted stones but mostly unique earrings. Every day, the artist collects stones from the sea, shines them, gives them shape and finally paints them, creating original jewelry for all tastes and all pockets using only his hands and his imagination. All his life he has been a fisherman, but as his daughter said, "he had a passion for painting since I remember him. He always had paint on his hands and smeared clothes".

The wide variety and very reasonable prices will give you some trouble to decide which one to keep for yourself and which one to offer as a gift. I can assure you that you will go back often to choose another design or color.

As a friend said once about the art of Mr. Evangelou, the irregularity of his masterpieces breath out a unique style and authentic finezza.


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Stella Tsiakalou

Hello everyone! My name is Stela and i was born in Athens. I work as a Hotel employee which means moving a lot and living in different places for a long time. Travel for me is to experience a new place as a local and living at my city as a tourist.

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