Caffenio "Therma" - Samothraki's meeting point

Athina Ioannidou
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Caffenio "Therma" is the ultimate cafe in Samothrace. The meeting point of all young tourist in Samothrace. If you want to find the beautiful girl you saw at Old lake this morning, you definitely have to spend some hours waiting at "Therma" Caffenio.

"Therma" is a 12h cafe and another 12h bar, so as you can guess it is open all day and night waiting for easy going visitors to sit and spend their time at the centre of the village.

Greek coffee, tsipouro, ouzo, drinks, juices and small dishes of mezze is available for you that want to make a stop before taking the wayto the waterfalls at the Old Lake.

We have spent some wonderful days and nights at "Therma" Caffenio, as it is the most chilling cafe-bar you will ever be. A proper "Therma" fan should not leave the place if he/she hasn't spend there at least 3 hours.

Near "Therma" you can find a small bazaar of clothes, art, joulierry, herbs, natural products, books and music. Next to the both the Cafe and the Bazaar, stand the hot springs of Therma Village. In order for you to try them you have to enter the building and ask for it (the cost is very low). Attention: you shouldn't stay in the hot springs for more than 15 minutes.


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