Samos, Pythagoras' island. Green or Blue?

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...why not both? When was the last time you had a swim in crystal clear waters and at the same time had all your beach gear laying under the pine trees? Have you read about the era of classic Greek mansions? When opening a window the smell of the sea and thyme coming to you together? If yes then you are very lucky as it is possible that you live or are having vacations in Samos! A bit further from Athens compared to other islands-a fact for having few Greek tourists but ultimately beautiful.

Samos or also known as Driousa (derived from the word Dris- OAK tree). An ancient place and birthplace of one of the most important personalities of all time, Pithagoras. Mentor, scientist or philosopher? All 3 in absolute harmony within.

What to see? Rent a car or any other type of vehicle- suggested due to the size of the island- and see it all! Beaches, organized or secluded (Potokaki, Plaka, Marathokampos), the waterfalls of Karlovasi and the neoclassical mansions there, the Efpalinio tunnel at Pithagorio and furthermore the Archeological Museum etc. In short, put the map aside and start! You will see sights at every part of the island. And,of course,don't leave out the cave of Pithagoras. There it was where, according to tradition, the philosopher hid at the time tyrant Polikratis pursued him. You see...he was accused of corrupting the young minds of Samos!

What to eat? Avoid the flashy "Greek moussaka" touristic restaurants and look for small, traditional taverns or coffee shops "kafeneio". In the town of Samos (along the port), close to the yellow building of the National Bank of Greece you will find "Kafeneio". When the sun sets, on the tile paved sidewalk, a small barbeque is set and octopus as fresh as can be is charcoaled . Combine it with famous Ouzo from Samos and you will remember my words. Also look for the tavern "Artemis" again on the port of Samos. A magnificent combination of quality and price. Try any sort of "kefte"possible and all the meat you can eat.

If I would go again?? Without second thought! The island is dreamy! It gives you the chance to relax, to charge your batteries and leaves beautiful memories. If you need something from the above, book your tickets, throw the absolute necessary in your suitcase and fly to might also find me there!!


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