Sand dunes in Lemnos

Dimitra Skemperi
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How did i suddenly find myself in Sahara?

When travelling and gazing at the beautiful beaches of the island of Lemnos you will hear people talking things about the Sand Dunes. What is this, i wondered? Indiana Jones becomes your favorite hero and the germ of exploration begins to develop inside you. You head to "Gomati" and somewhere to your left you see the signs for the Sand Dunes and of course you turn!! Dirt road again and you think "Where am i heading to now instead of going for a dip in the cool water of the beach.

But something inside of you tickle. You see something on your left after 2 kilometers. You park the car, wear your flip flops, and bring some cold water with you. Its time to start exploring and once you reach the top you see it. The Limno's Sahara lays in front of your eyes!!

Oh dear, what is this? Who brought all this sand here? you think simple. Children get excited, through their flip flops away and run towards the sand.

Sand Dunes are sandy hills that usually exist in coastal areas. They have been created by erosion and deposition of sand in coastal areas. The sand is drifting to the shore by the wind and gets replaced by the sand that waves bring to the beach. They are very important and sensitive ecosystems. On them you will find plants and animals that are resistant and adaptable to difficult environmental conditions. These ecosystems are protected with the Directive 92/43/EEC " for the conservation of natural habitats and wild fauna and flora " (source :

A special place for a wonderful and distinguished visitors.


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