The Red Rock beach, next to the most ancient city in Europe

Athina Ioannidou
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"No don't go there," said Yiannis, our local guide. "You should go to Red Rock, just next to Polyochni" and so we started the car to find this beach. 

Southwest of Lemnos you will meet the oldest city in Europe, Polyochni, built 1000 years before Troy was built, which is exactly opposite. Passing this ancient city we saw the beach and the red rocks that adorned it. So here we are. After crossing reeds and olive trees, we reached a handmade beach bar, which managed 10 umbrellas in total, placed at least 5 feet away from each other. Not only the people next to you didn;t bother us, but we almost couldn't see them! 
A Landscape pure and undefiled, with an endless beach (2-3 km definitely), which Angelopoulos, the director, could turn into a movie from side to side. So great it looked. Perfect for nudists, surfers, those who enjoy running and "loners". 
The Umbrellas made of dried palm branches, a shower, the handmade beach bar and 4-5 junk jars were all the human intervention on this beach. The rest was filled with the beautiful Lady of Lilies, springing through the sand every July and August and you're lucky if you see them! 
From the pictures you will understand the very cinematic landscape. You should visit Access is easy and is ideal for children too.

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