Mantela was found in Lemnos and he is delicious.

Evi Vagianou
Delicious Food
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"You should definetly go to Mantela's for food Evi", it was the third time i was being suggested this place in Lemnos island. Who is this Mantela anyway"? The name is not very compatible when imagining Lemnos. Why is this place so famous? And what does it have to do with Nelson Mandela?

All those questions were torturing my brain while going to Sarpes village to visit Mantela at last. Before going to the famous Sand Dunes of Lemnos or else the Lemnos Sahara we headed to the mountainous village of Sapres. We soon found out about the name and the history behind it. It was the owner of the tavern who lived years in Africa and when he came back his co-villagers called him Mentela, due to the well-known african leader. The name though has another meaning, a deeper one, with roots to the German language, based on which Man is the "male" and Tella is the dish. Combined Man+Tella gives us the so called Mantella.

And they really were the dishes of the Man. Huge portion of the finest meat of Lemnos and other traditional elements. Rooster, rabbit, pork or lamb together with the traditional pasta of Lemnos (Flomaria), a sauce made of grapes called "Petimezi", Melichloro (local cheese), the traditional feta cheese "Calathaki", fresh salads and handmade bread are the least you will devour in Mantelas lovely tavern. During the summer you enjoy at the open yard but in the winter you will find a warm place to enjoy food and wine inside the buidling.

Well if you find yourself in Lemnos island, you should try this tavern because its one of the best we found!


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