Citrus Museum - Scented Memories at Kampos, Chios.

Evi Vagianou
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The Citrus Museum has been established in a unique mansion of 1742, at the famous Kampos of Chios. Around you can see beautiful mansions hidden behind tall stone walls, so you can't look at them directly from the street and smell lemon and citrus trees. In Kampos is very easy to get lost as roads resemble a labyrinth, but the good thing is that the Citrus Museum is so famous that anyone could give you instructions. The "Citrus-scented memory" was created to highlight the history of Citrus trees in Kampos. The lowest floor is a dynamic exhibition space where one can see: 

  • the cultivation of citrus fruits in seasons, tools and production methods and crop varieties and particulars that make mandarins and other fruits as unique. 
  • people who have been the main factor for the flourishing of unique myth of Chian mandarin and other fruits of the Genoese, merchants who traveled to the markets of the world, farmers, caretakers and of course the noble families of Kampos with their coat . 
  • business processes from the early 15th century in Constantinople and Smyrna, unique packaging of goods, known today as trade routes made ​​citrus Chios luxury item in European markets by the end of the 20th century. 
  • extensive area of Kampos, the unique mansions and walls that surround them, the orchards, the manganese and other elements of the region have given a peculiarity unique architecture in Europe. 

Next to the museum in a beautiful courtyard, operates a small cafe and a shop where one can try and buy Chian flavors made ​​exclusively from Citrus, such as sweets, jams, marshmallows, liquor, pasta with citrus, almond and everything else that puts your mind.

We were lucky enough to try the handmade syrupy portokalopita who had just come out of the oven, which was really delicious!


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