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Bars and Beach Bars
We can't stop enoying the beautiful land of Pelion and Tsagkarada area, but now its time for a good drink and although we are going up and down the central street, we still haven't found a bar to inspire us. We need to drink one, two or five chilled drinks. We have 2 or 3 bar on our list, but still...
There are not many words that can describe the distinctiveness and beauty of Pelio. A wild and steep place, a miracel of the Greek nature, is chosen by the "determined" travelers. Divided into eastern, western, northern and southern Pelio, each part has something special to brag about. The truth is...
Sightseeings, Unique Travel Routes
Tsagarada Pelion is the largest village in Europe due to a very wide spread its inhabitants and its history is very odd, according to locals. The eastern side of Pelion, which includes Tsagarada was inhabited very late through the centuries. No more than 300 years have passed since the first...
Accommodation, Delicious Food
The Lost Unicorn is one of the prettiest and most historic traditional guesthouses of Tsagarada (Pelion). Look how it all started. Around 1890 some exquisite craftsmen from Eperos made the building which housed the Lost Unicorn and a beautiful church on a large stone courtyard just oposite the...