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Goumenissa is a picturesque town built at the foot of the beautiful mountain of Paeko. During our preparation for this trip we expected to encounter a small village with few inhabitants. Instead we saw a very large village where one can find everything a traveller needs. In the village center there...
The nature of Goumenissa wins the heart of the most discerning excursionist. The area is literally "drowned" in green. Wherever you look nature dominates. On the first day a group of people from the village organized a hiking on a hillside next to the mountain. The view was incredible. We could...
If you ever visit Goumenissa and you are looking for accommodation, your best choice is Guesthouse Dimosthenis, located at the centre of the city. A traditional guesthouse which might remind you of your own home, with extra facilities, warm environment and the familiarity you might need. When we...