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Halil Bey Mosque and yard is situated in the old town of Kavala and is a beautiful place to visit. Full of colors and built on a great architecture mode, Halil Bey Mosque or "Old Music" as we call it now is a great sight to visit. More info: here.
Things to do
What would you say to head towards the Kamares of Kavala, in the back part of the city where it was once filled with artisans many years ago. I am taking you to the Carnage, where in the past, but even in nowdays, the owners guided the boats, the trawlers and the speedboats here to rest, to groom...
Bars and Beach Bars
“Mirsini, has fallen in love with the oven” This is the only proper wine bar in the town. Don’t hesitate to visit it and ask for local wines, red, white, or roze. If you are lucky you can find wine tasting events, which usually happen every wednesday. More info: Facebook Page
Paradise Beaches
What a wonderful place to have a refreshing dip. Keramoti is famous for its exceptional beach, the best beach bars in Kavala and its very tasty mussels. Try it! From Keramoti you can take the ferry to Thassos. It only takes 30 minutes. For more info try this: Keramoti info
Bars and Beach Bars
Orixio is our favourite traditional cafe bar. Here you can find ouzo, mezze, cheap beer and some drinks. Once a week they have a live concert with traditional “Rempetiki” music. More info: Orixio bar
Kavala is spread in the shape of an amphitheatre over the hillsides of Mount Symvolo, like a balcony in the sun overlooking the Aegean Sea, ready to take you in its arms and let you into its secrets. Kavala awaits you to take you on a journey back in time, from antiquity to the present, to tell you...
Local Fiestas
An impressive festival, taking place in the ancient theatre of Filippi (Father of Alexander the Great), where Ancient Greek tragedies and comedies are revived for a devoted audience. Performances last for all July and August. More info: Filippi Festival Site