Wine or Cocktails? Cocktail Bar or Cinque Terre Thessaloniki.

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And then, Vassilis is in town.
And his friend Ifigeneia is waiting for him to visit together the best spots in Thessaloniki! -that's all they talk about anyway...
Thessaloniki gets more and more beautiful day by day...
Day shops may close due to the crisis but for some reason its night is gaining on quality.

We go out to get a glass of fine wine. At Cinque Terre.
"How come we haven't published this one yet in UH?" And we did.
This place is highly recommended for wine lovers but also for those who don't have a clue about wine.
If you join the second group -not so sophisticated in wine knowledge- sommeliers will let you know what's your poison simply by informing them what kind of tastes you prefer, they'll get the right one for you.
From the very first time we went there, we loved the place and we gather there ever since to map out our plans!
Wine is fine, service is excellent and prices are normal.
The site hosts only a few groups but that's the beauty of it!
How much wine can one have though?

So we move on to get a special-made cocktail!
You definitely need to taste a cocktail from the genre masters, so the night continues at Cocktail bar.
There you will get to see cocktails literally "getting on fire" over the bar.
Choose yourself the taste that pops on your mind and the guys behind the bar will prepare one for you according to...the ritual!
Our favorite is the rosemary gin but there is also one that tastes like haribo gelly teddy! Ask for it!

At the end of the night, one wonders... What's out there for Thessaloniki to be jealous of?
And then dawn breaks and in the morning your queries are solved... but no one can steal our nights! ;)


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