Thessaloniki Port Warehouses

Evi Vagianou
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In my humble heart, Thessaloniki is My city.

I have lived in many other places or cities, but when i come back to this amazing city the air smells different..Not only because of the smell from the sea, which honestly is not the most pleasant some times but because Thessaloniki has an aged beauty, a different colour and a different sense, which you can only realise but experiencing it.

Thessaloniki is alive and kicking and always has a sense of youth. Those that are young or feel young experience the city with their bicycles, or by enjoying their coffee not it a cafe but outside on the urban spots of Thessaloniki, philosophising and relaxing.

After this introduction, you are ready to read my personally favourite spot of the city, which is the West Port. I am talking about the west side of the port, among the old warehouses (which have been renovated) where the Thessaloniki Film Festival is taking place every year. This urban area has become through the past years, one of the most favorite spots of the Thessalonikians, young and old.

The scenery is simple: Wooden floor combined with paths made of stone, small olive trees, benches that look like anaklindron where you can sit and enjoy the wonderful view of the White Tower and the port of Thessaloniki.

You will probably encounter either young companies playing music, cards, backgammon, eating, drinking coffee or beer, or loners who are out cycling, jogging, or walking, or lovers of all ages, who enjoy the romantic and chilling scenery.

Imagine that you are standing on a dock, having the energy of the sea under your feet, looking at the endless Aegean waters. What a bless!

A famours writter wrote this about Thessaloniki: "Thessaloniki deserves only the journey. Never look at her from the ground".


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Evi Vagianou

Hello i am Evi, born and raised in Thessaloniki and a lawer since 2005. Expept for sports and extreme sports in nature, my other great love is to travel. When i come back from a trip i have to preper the next one to feel good.

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