Thessaloniki New Bay: A walk from the White tower to the East port

Ioanna Serafimidou
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This is the so called New port.

It is called like that because it has been renovated for some time now and is going to be one of the most gorgeous walks of the city.

Short info: The Architects that hold this big renovation are Bernard Cuomo and Prodromos Nikiforidis, as for the source of their inspiration, they based their design on the gardens of Exohi Villas, which reached down to the sea side.

The Thessalonikians call it the New Bay and it definitely is, as it starts from the Thessaloniki's Sailing Club and ends at the Concert Hall.

Well, now that i have finished with the historical details, i am going to talk about how this place is my favorite place in Thessaloniki. First of all, i can choose between 5 themed  parks and gardens, where i can go up and down cycling, or i can lay down at the garden and have a nice pick nick, or i can read my books and exchange them at one of the Pop up Libraries the «why not::» team organises. Or else i listen to fine music at the Park of Music, when the Team "Different Thessaloniki" fills up the city with tunes and colours.

Every park and garden has a different theme, so it is very hard for me to figure out which one i like the best. The garden of Sound, the garden of Roses, the garden of Memory, the garden of Water, or the garden of Music?

I am thinking that it doen't really matter in the end, cause the best part of it is when i sit at the benches and watch the endless sea. I see some fishermans with their equipment, waiting for the good catch, i see groups of young people hanging around, i see mothers and children having their evening walk, i see children playing at the yards, i see a lot of green, (i see dead people...kidding!!).

Anyways the sea is my everything, and anything around it is so very special for me. Weekdays at the New Bay are marvelous, even if you can't see much because of the fog. It doen't matter.

The New Bay is the biggest balcony with view of the Aegean and the Olympus mountain, where the ancient gods still live.

See you around, right?

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