Techo Techo Bar restaurant at the Old Town of Thessaloniki

Yorgo Manis
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I am not the best person to write about places i visit, since i experience the places without analysing the facts or the information about where i am. Although, there are times, that i visit a place and different components like the company, the design and the physiology of the place happen to unite in harmony and then my subconscious feeds the my conscious mide and i realise the beauty and the dynamic of the place i am at.

This happened to me when i was walking through one of the most beautiful parts of Thessaloniki. The Old Town, or else the "Ano Poli" or else the district of the Castles. These neighbourhood always inspires me and i tend to visit her very often alone or with company.

The architecture of the buidling and houses, the histority of the round abouts, the castles and the old stone walls travel you to a completely different dimension.

If you want to enjoy the view, or look at thessaloniki from a higher level, if you want to feel the vibes of this place while drinking a beer, or if you want to do an inner talk with yourself, you end up there.

During one my visits in the Old Town, i crossed by a little coffee and food shop with a very positive energy.  It was called "Techo Techo" which means from wall to wall, referring to the old stone walls you can see from there.

It was summer and the night was very quite. Only Techo Techo was live, with music and people talking energetically. It was magnetised to explore it.

I tasted the very delicious dishes, also for vegetarians and vegans, i relaxed, i talked, i laughed. Simple things that made me a happy man!

I am sure! The view from the cities old walls, the place and the people, will give you the opportunity to experience a previous era. A more true and innocent one.


About the Author

Yorgo Manis

He was born in Kavala in 1981, studied at the Fine Arts Faculty in Thessaloniki and did his masters in Fine Arts at the Goldsmiths university of London. He has organised two personal exhibitions in Amsterdam and Rome and has participated in many others throughout Europe. 

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