This is the story of Thessaloniki's Night Life by an Old Thessalonikian

Bars and Beach Bars
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This is the city i have always wanted to tell you here in and especially to talk about the supreme night life, which is not compared to any other city. For sure i have lived enough cities and night lives to be sure about it.Thessaloniki's night life starts early in the evening and ends when the sun sets. I am gonna travel you now to the most preferred bars from the locals, from West to East Thessaloniki, so be careful.

These are very special tips.The starting point of this journey is the White tower. From there turn your head and look west.

  1. First stop:  "Elios bar" and "Taksidiotis" bar, which are old rock spots of the city, with a great night life mainly during the summer and a rather dark style during winter. After a few pints you have to continue.
  2. Second stop: We head to the port and continue walking towards "On the Road" bar, which is really nice during the weekdays and especially for sunsets. Mnemonic!
  3. Third stop: We have to definitely experience the most historical and favourite bar of Thessaloniki, "Thermaikos" bar. I love the Saturday Evening parties, the always changing design and the chilling atmosphere of this place.
  4. Forth stop: When the night is still young we will taste a nice drink at the colonial "Haven" bar and continue with another one at the "Hermion" bar, a place where you can travel in time.
  5. Fifth stop: We are walking close to the port, towards another famous bar "Bel Air" which has raised generations and whole armies of young people of this city for over 20 year now.
  6. Sixth stop: We are on Iktinou str. and we start going north. After a bit we are going to reach "Diatiriteon" bar, which maintains the smell and taste of old good parties. It is on the first floor of the building, so you have to go up the ladder.
  7. And now it is time to talk about the After 00.00 bars, where Thessalonikians meet to finish the night and wait for the day to come.
  8. Seventh stop: I suggest "Residents" bar for great live music, and then head to the most underground and atmospheric bar "Berlin", to listen to some great music, dance and meet new people. Otherwise, if you are not that underground you can still go to "Taxidi" bar, which is always crowdy and pleasant.

After all this bar wandering you will realise that a new day has started and the sun is almost set.

p.s. Don't worry, you will definetely fit all these stops in one night, as most of the bars are within short distance.

Have fun and let me know you enjoyed it!

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Hey i am Christina and i am the owner of Colors Rooms & Apartments at Valaoritou str in Thessaloniki, a modern place to host you, with beautifully designed rooms. I chose to live in Thessaloniki, after spending many years in other countries of Europe, because i believe that this city can offer me a wonderful quality of life. I like the centre, i like that everything is fetchable, i like the sea near me, i like its history, the art, the music, the life, the food, the bicycles, the sun and the happiness this city can reflect.

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