Pizzicotto means pizza and pasta italiana in Thessaloniki.

Evi Vagianou
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It was November, i remember, when we first crossed this small wooden restaurant called Pizzicotto on Kastritsiou Str. It was so tiny, with a simple but stylish decoration and a wooden warms coming out of the door. It looked very crowded but this was because it has limited number of tables, which in my opinion is good. It got into my to-do list immediately but then i forgot it.

After two months two friends came to visit and we made arrangements for dinner, so yes i thought this was the right time to experience the tastes of Pizzicotto! It was Friday night, but we were lucky as we found a table on the first floor which was also crowded.

Pizzicotto in italian means pinch but as you may know it is also used in music when playing chords instruments - you pinch the chord. Nantia and Massimo the young owners of this pizzeria-trattoria use italian recipies for all their dishes. We ordered a Tartufo pizza -which was excllent - slim and crispy and also a salate verde with spinach, orange and honey. Absolute magic. As a starter we chose raw funghi which were served with plain lemon also very tasty. You can make the last ones at home easily.

So pizza was delicious, maybe the best in Thessaloniki, the place was friendly and easy going, the wine was very good and prices very very normal compared to what it offers. Next time i am planning to taste the pasta, tiramisu and panacotta to have the complete experience of Pizzicotto.

Local Tip: Be careful with pizza sizes. Normal size is for two people and Grande size is the huge one made for four people (Check the pic).

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