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Marianna Tanagia
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"Please Marianna, tell us about your favourite place in Thessaloniki"

It would prefer it if they asked me my age, or my weight. Or even how much money i make. With this question i got really confused and challenged. Which is my favourite place? The last 29 years i struggle to find "My" place in Thessaloniki. I am usually a very confortable person: I have been hanging out to "Ocean bar", to "Music place", to "Zigos" and "Decadance", to "Pili Axiou"and "Venteta", to "Daily", "Bel air"  and "Air Bar" and many other short lived places, cool ones, cult ones, progressive ones, alternatrive ones, that come and go in Thessaloniki.

One place have been missing in my life. A place where, i can experience different feeling, a place where i can decompress, i can talk and listen with my best friend and at the same time to feel i am not in Thessaloniki. I am travelling somewhere else.

Well, I can now confess that i have found it and i am ready to expose it to your hungry eyes. It is Cafe-bar-restaurant Aldebaran. This is my latest apocalipse and i am very happy to share it with you. It is situated within the ne bulding M2, next to the Concert Hall of Thessaloniki. The building is made of glass and Aldebaran is on the 5th floor, which means you can enjoy a view like no other. Amazing View!!

When i sit next to the windows or at the balcony, if the weather if fine, i have this amazing feeling that i am on the deck of a boat and we have just started a new trip. My favourite thing to do when i am at Aldebaran, is to drink my warm coffee and gaze the sea and the city, which is still moving fast although i am not. It is like a fraction of time, experienced. It is like getting out of your reality. I enjoy the sky, especially when the sun is going to bed and i feel my horizon to expand. A good friend of mine argues that is essential to go to places where your horizons expand, literally or artistically and i surely follow his advice.

Aldebaran is open on Thurdays and Friday evening and Saturday mornings.

This is my little secret.

Please keep it for you and your best friends.


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Marianna Tanagia

A free-press editor from the age of 11, a fanatic reader of "Super Katerina" and later "Cool" magazine and also a fan of the quote " Working cannot be a shame". She is a graduate of Journalism and Media, also holding a degree in New media and journalism. She was a columnist for three free-press magazines, 2 radio stations, a state television, a newspapers and an advertising company. She is now convinced she will never be a war correspondent. Since 2007 she is part of SOUL magazine team. Right this moment she is the creator of publiSHIT magazine, a copywriter, a social media explorer. When she grows up, she wants to be the writer of a best seller, a Pulitzer winner or a Parliament servant. Until that moment she will keep up loving free press, sympathise for free lancer and fall in love with the free minded.

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