Natali Cinema - My favorite summer cinema in Thessaloniki.

Zoi Xaita
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My favorite outdoor cinema

And the first autumn rains start to fall. And the autumn breeze gives its debut with great joy and anticipation. First of September, the day that opens the gates of winter. Winter? Are you trying to drive me crazy? How did you overtake an entire season and started these wishes of a good winter? I refuse! I refuse to renounce the summer! Long live the summer and the summer cinemas! And now that I got it out of me, i have to explain to you why we should criminalize winter.

If you have not spent your summer in a heavy city full of concrete, ready to suck you, you can't understand the importance of a shelter. Even if Thessaloniki is beautiful, there are moments you need to breathe. This is why i wanted to share with you my favorite summer-outdoor cinema called Natali. "Natali" is keeping me company for many years now.

Lets set our feet on the 3rd Avenue of Alexander the Great. I know that the nearby bus stop is "Stratigeo", but I also know that you definitely came here on foot, strolling on the waterfront, just to see the flushing sun go down the port. I love clichés, so i know that the wind will be blowing in an erotic way and you will be delighted next to those that accompany you.

You can find many summer cinemas in Thessaloniki and each one has its own secret, so i reccomend to try them all. "Natali" is just MY summer cinema which i know for so many years. It's not that it is green and has comfortable chairs, as you will read in the advertisements. It is because it has embraced my summer days so fondly, especially those day that lead to September. It can take my stress away and send me back the hope.

A True sanctuary, a tiny small garden between buildings.


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Hello, I am Zoe. I make jewelleries and wooden games. You will find me strolling around Thessaloniki with my purple bicycle.

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