The Magical Path of Mikra in Thessaloniki

Konstantinos Mellios
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Many years had to pass until i discovered a very unique place in Thessaloniki.

I am going to tell you about a place, which you have to discover by yourself to understand what i am talking about.

I usually pass next to the Gym of Mikra, i cross through some old stadiums and buildings and i reach the closed Olympics training hall, where young girls and boys train themselves on Rythmic Gynastics and look like a Colorful Circus all would envy. If you are lucky you might also see Ioannis Mellisanidis, the Greek Olympic champion in Rythmic Gymnastics.

I leave the training hall behind and i get close to a tennis court and a football arena, where there is always a game to have a look at, with all the greek temperament in it. I am now almost next to the sea. On my left i can see the Horse Riding Clud of Mikra situated on a field of endless grass. You can see the horses riding! What a nice experience!

Now you will be able to see the Magical Path. It is a small road that if you follow it on you right it will take you up to the White Tower and the centre of the city, but if you follow it on the opposite direction it will take you to Peraia District.

No, no it is not far at all. After all once you start walking next to the sea you will forget about everything, you mind will empty, you will make and tell you own unique mind stories.

Your canvas will be made of the sea, the boats, the gulls and the sky.

What you say? Are you going to try this experience?


About the Author

Konstantinos Mellios

My name is Mellios Konstantino and I'm born on 01.03.1975 in Thessaloniki. I was raised and educated in Thessaloniki. My profession is silversmith and jewelry designer with many collaborations with major local jeweler (Oro Vildiridi - 9 years cooperation). Since 2004 I am running RIN TIN TIN shop in the center of Thessaloniki. Sine 2007 and onwards we entered dynamically in the design and sale of jewelery by non-noble metalware, materials such as glass, wood and silver.

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