Karatepe or black hill, in Thessaloniki

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Living in Thessaloniki as a student i always remember searching for the best place with the best view of the city.

It took me 5 years to discover it and its name is Karatepe.

Short info: Karatepe means Black Hill, the distance from the centre of the city is 1.800 metres. The space is occupies is around 30 acres and te average height is 350 metres. You can go there with the Public transport, or with your car, or bikes or on foot.

I still remember that night a friend talked to us about this place. We were sitting out on our balcony when we decided to get on the car and leave towards the forest of Seich Sou. My head was troubled all along the way until we got there. When i show the sign "Karatepe" and the place i was suddenly relieved. Around me the place was calm and quite, something you can hardly find when you are in a city.

Following a stoned path we were lead to an open space and we continued to see what was hidding behind the wooden poles. I am sure i will remember the thing we show for a long time.

A million little lights on the land but also on the sky, ticking little stars, like everything around us was made of stardust. The moon was falling on the sea by making a lighted path from the beach towards the endless sea.

Our thoughts cleared.

I felt free, i felt relieved.

Have you felt that?


About the Author


Spiridoula or otherwise Pepi had the great chance to spend her years as a student at Thessaloniki. She is a permanent resident of Athens, but recalls the streets of Thessaloniki everyday. She is a physiotherapist and likes to create and express herself in any way. She loves her dog, experimental cinema and the person who help her to create (G.P). She hates rudeness and mizery.

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