Indian food and culture in Nargis restaurant, Thessaloniki

Athina Ioannidou
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Are you in for elephants, Bollywood, Budas and indian food without having to pay a fortune to go to India?

Don't go far, Thessaloniki is offering it to you and is inviting you to discover it. Lovely moments and positive energy enhance the walls and little yard of Nargis Restaurant.

Nargis is one of the most famous actresses and stars in India, during 1940-1960 and still a symbol for Indian people. Her greatness embellishes the whole place.

Although i have been to Nargis Restaurant a lot of times, I still can't decide which dish from the menu is my favorite. BUT i always order Naan bread with butter and Indian tea with cardamon at the end of my meal. This tea is a medicine for my body after a dose of chilli, honestly.

ALERT: Some dishes are very chilly.

The thing i like when i go to Nargis, is the fact that the environment is travelling my mind to exotic Indian places. I watch Bollywood on the restaurant's Tv, at the same time i listen to very beautiful Indian music and the decoration is lovely. All the colours and the furniture are indicative of the Indian culture.

The staff is very friendly and easy going. The cooks are of Indian origins, really extrovert people. We have watched them yelling at the rest of the staff, because something went wrong. Really funny, not the very polite and strict situation you can face in other restaurants. Some years ago there was a commune right at the top flor of the restaurant, where people used to practice Yoga and Meditation. Last time i went it wasn't there.

I suggest you go to Nargis during the Weekdays, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday is good and easy going. Friday and Saturday the place is packed, so you have to land there early.

We love NARGIS!!


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