The magic of Lake kerkini in Serres

Athina Ioannidou
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At Kerkini area in Serres there is a fateful lake for Greek people and especially for the municipality of Serres where it belongs.

This Lake was chosen by Theodoros Aggelopoulos, the famous Greek filmaker and director, to shoot his movie called "The Weaping Meadow". He built a whole village inside the lake. Yes inside!

This lake is artificial (doesn't look like it though) and was created when the Strimona's dam was built. The level of water is changing according to the dam, this is why this lake is never the same.

You may have visited it a year before and have seen these very impressive water lilies and if you go this year you might only see these lyrical branches of trees coming out of the water and hundrends of birds crossing its waters.

When i went there i saw a magical landscape. There were riverside big trees, water lilies floating for miles, bulls having their bath at the lake.

Kerkini lake is a playground for any photographer who likes nature and minimal photography. We took pictures of rare species of birds (the lake hosts more than 300 species), of fisherman crossing the calm water and exceptional trees coming out of it.

We stayed there until the sun dropped in the water and then setted behind the mountain Belles. We had a very special info about the village " Ano Poroya" where there is a tavern that serves a variety of cheese and meat coming from the local bull farmers. We enjoyed some dishes of bulls meat and a desert made of bulls milk, called "Kazan Dipi".

I suggest this place for any type of eco-lover, bird watcher, or photographer and definitely kidsd and gourmet lovers.


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