The hot spring of Agkistro and the Byzantine hammam.

Athina Ioannidou
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I may not be 75 years old and have my arthritic, but I really like all destinations with hot springs. They intrigue me a little bit more to visit because I expect the unique experience of relaxation they will offer me.

So we went to Agistro, Serres where the oldest Hammam of Greece is located, the Byzantine Hammam from the 950 A.D. Τhe medicinal waters are stemming within rocks of the homonym mountain and till they spring to our tubs they pass through rocks and ores from which they acquire therapeutic capacity.

We had no idea things were done so we reached to reception and by the time we went there we found out that the Byzantine Hammam was fully booked with appointments until 2 a.m and many of the private pools were taken too, so we content ourselves in private swimming pool no. 7, which met our expectations adequately.

So, be ware and book your appointments early to get exactly what you want. We got towels and slippers from the reception for 1 euro per person, so you don't need to carry with you! Just enjoy and if you go to the Byzantine hammam let us know.


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