Chryssochorafa village and Limnaion Guesthouse next to Kerkini.

Athina Ioannidou
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Chryssochorafa (Golden fields) is a classic traditional rural village with about 1,000 inhabitants and a stone's throw from Lake Kerkini. I do not know why it was given this name but I can guess a) because the land is very fertile, or b) they grow wheat on the fields and all the area gets the color gold.

In this village we found Limnaion Guesthouse, created and owened by Nikos Gallios and his family. Nikos will accommodate you, will guide you in the area and arrange any activity you want: Bicycles, Canoe, birdwatching and photography tours. He knows the area by heart and will take you to the best.

On the first day we arrived Nikos sat down and opened a map of the area. On that we noted in detail our options and suggestions. Activities, attractions, monasteries, waterfalls, springs, trails lake and mountain views, traditional products, villages, restaurants to eat, coffee, aquariums, observatories. In the end the map was all blue from the notes. Then he took us to our room to leave our stuff and start our day.

Wood and stone are the dominant elements of the guesthouse. The room, the dining room, the ceiling, the furniture and all the objects are made of them. We stayed in room 7, so-called "Strymon". The Guesthouse embraced us and we rested in delight in our room, we lit our fire, we went out on the balcony - observatory and had one of the best breakfasts we have ever eaten.

French toast, handmade cakes, bread from Zea (produced by them), homemade jams, peanut butter that is produced in the region, fresh eggs, perfect mpougatsa pie (the region is famous), traditional butter and many more which entered our stomachs. Niko's parents greeted us each afternoon when we returned from our adventures. Ready to help us with anything they were the friendliest people of the region, like Nikos. Niko's father deals with agricutlure so he can supply you with organic beans (using zeolite) and Zea production of flour. We took some with us back home!

Tip: For absolute cult nights, don't miss the opportunity to visit bar Exodos just opposite the hostel. Each Friday they have a live event.


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