Semeli Resort - The Gem of Elatohori, Katerini.

Alex Pantoudis
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At last the weekend is about to start and we are ready to leave the city and visit someting totally different.

We had to take our car and reach Elatohori village in Katerini. Semeli resort is hidden in the forests of Elatohori keeping its beauty during the different seasons.

It was dawn when we arrived and the resort was discretely light and the view to Katerini's city lights was accompanied by an amazing full moon.The owners welcomed us with joy and took us to our warm room. We enjoyed a big room with fireplace, wooden floor and stone elements a typical mountain resort architecture. We loved it at first sight.

The decoration was a compination of classic, traditional and modern making the resort feel like luxurius and simple in the same time.

First thing we did was to head to the local Octomberfest, which was held the same day we arrived. So beer and local sausages, here we come!

In the morning we headed to the breakfast room to enjoy a very rich buffet satisfying even the most demanding people. The stone walls, the wooden ceiling and the fireplace made us feel calm, relaxed and even more hungry!In the evening we decided not to go to the village but stay at the resort and enjoy a drink at the bar. It turned to be a very good choice and the night kept on.

Before living this cosy and luxurious Mountain resort, we wanted to enjoy all the spaces, so we chilled out at the very relaxing living room area and imagined getting here again when the mountain would be full of snow. Yes we will! We had a great time!


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