Entertainment at Elatochori.

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Bars and Beach Bars, Delicious Food
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Elatochori consists of the new and the old settlements. The two are located right next to each other while the old settlement is the main tourist attraction and features more tourist accommodation and entertainment opportunities.

The Pierion Mouses guesthouse is located at the old Elatochori settlement that features a pharmacy, a mini-market and a news kiosk. Keep in mind that similar mountain settlements do not provide such amenities.

The local nightlife does not provide much variety, especially for those who are looking for parties and after clubs, but there are several local bars that provide a rudimentary nightlife experience. Some of the local hotels and guesthouses feature their own lounges and bars that often provide a more quaint atmosphere than their local counterparts. During my stay I was lucky enough to experience the local wine festival and had the opportunity to savor the products of the local vineyards accompanied by popular tunes of the 80s at the guesthouse lounge.

Regarding food options are a lot richer and should satisfy most people. I found that the hotel “Semeli” restaurant is the best option for those seeking a neat environment serving minimal but tasteful dishes at reasonable prices. The restaurant decoration is splendid and the discrete music well-fitted the mood of the venue. For those looking for the tavern experience I recommend “Petrino” located a little before the ski resort and “Paleo Scholio” located at the old settlement of Elatochori.


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