A sunny and snowy day at 3-5 Pigadia, Naousa

Anna Gala
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Today the weather was sunny and warm.

There was a bit of sun slightly brightening beautifully Vermio. The schedule today was not strict at all.

We will start and i see where it takes us. Getting out of the room, I meet the owners who told me that at 3-5 Pigadia there is good snow and a clear way to go.

I got in the car and left for 3-5 Pigadia. The distance was short and pleasant and the road was very clear. When I arrived and got off the car and took a big breath. My lungs filled with fresh air and i got a distinctive crisp smell of snow.

I headed for the little house named "Information-Tickets" and got a ticket for the "Snow lift".

The view I was seeing, as I was going higher and higher, was magnificent! A true spectacle! I could even describe it as "love at first sight"!.

I just reached  the top 2.005m. Until now, how many times have you felt like the "conqueror of the top"!

Nearby is the chalet where you can enjoy a hot drink and relax admiring the view.

I take the snow lift and I head down the mountain.


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Anna Gala

If you want to make me happy, hold a map, take a few steps back and throw an arrow. There is our next destination. Greece for me is a painting of an excellent painter. When i don't travel i am a journalist during the day and a movie script writter during the night.

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