Militsa Guesthouse, Naousa: The total relaxation series.

Anna Gala
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I have visited Naoussa several times but usually for a one-day trip and had arranged to stay a little bit more. Suddenly a lovely surprise waited for me from! I won a weekend at the tradiotional guesthouse Militsa in Naoussa!

On Friday morning, I put my luggage in the car and headed to Naoussa.
I found the guesthouse easily. Leaving the city of Naoussa and going to Agios Nikolaos, turn right for 3-5 Pigadia and several signs will direct you to the Militsa Guesthouse.

As soon as i parked in the guesthouse's garden, a lady appeared in front of me. You could say with certainty that she was the hostess. I'm getting off the car and she calls me with my name in order to confirm my arrival. Her looks was not the one of a businesswoman waiting for the client but of a mother's awaiting for her child's arrival. After some small talk, her husband also came to welcome me.

Once they gave me some useful information about the best places to eat, the weather and the best places to visit, Mrs. Effie led me to my room. It was like an entire house! Walking into the house you could see the living room which consisted of a beautiful blend of wood and stone. However, two things in particular caught your eye. The corner hosted a magnificent fireplace and the wall was covered by a huge window with spectacular view. 

The decoration was so warm and you felt like home. Bronze ornaments, candles and flowers made ​​the room friendly. On the other side was the kitchen, where Mrs. Effie wanted to show me the food she had prepared. A platter with handmade pie still steaming (it was so fresh), fresh eggs and a bowl of sweets, cakes, marshmallows, cookies, etc.

However the hostess did not stop there, she showed me the fridge which was full of delights! Toast bread, cheese, pariza, butter and a homemade jam, orange juice and water. A few steps away, she opened a cupboard and the sweet smell of coffee tantalized my senses. A closet was full of different kinds of coffee, tea and chocolate. After all that she showed me the bedroom, that it would satisfy even the most demanding people.

It was more like an attic (the whole room, but the bedroom seemed more like), the bed was right in the middle and you could see the wardrobe, the dresser and a combo that covered the wall. And finally let's talk about the bathroom, shall not forget, cleanliness is next the godliness! In this case it was pretty much attached to godliness. It was so clean!


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