The famous tavern "Psatha" in Naousa

Anna Gala
Delicious Food
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Back in the town of Naoussa.

Final destination was the famous tavern "Psatha" which is open since 1968 and is ready to satisfy the most demanding people.

Going in, on my left hand there was a guestbook. I know that it needs guts to have in your restaurant one of these precious books! I immediately understood that I will have a good meal!

The place is traditional and pleasant, made ​​of wood, stone and great tastes.

 The food was handmade and tasted so delisicious. After the lunch they offered me dessert, which was also handmade.

The owners must have had some kind of allergy to fast food, which surprised me pleasantly.

Don't forget to mention that the prices were as good as the meal.

As I was leaving I wrote in the guestbook and while I browsed it I noticed how many satisfied people were. I felt so happy for the choice I made.

It's time to get back to the hostel and enjoy my last day there.

Wine, fireplace and beautiful thoughts charged my batteries for the next day.


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Anna Gala

If you want to make me happy, hold a map, take a few steps back and throw an arrow. There is our next destination. Greece for me is a painting of an excellent painter. When i don't travel i am a journalist during the day and a movie script writter during the night.

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