Visiting Mohamed Ali's house using your senses and imagination.

Eleftheria Psoma
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The East welcomes you in a place with fine smells and sounds. You begin to remember movies like “A touch of Spice” with the small boy charmed while playing with the colors, tastes and smells of spices. I am thinking Constantinople and wonder why all this is happening in the town of Kavala.

Welcome, to the home of former viceroy of Egypt, Mohamed Ali! House built around it in 1780 to 1790 and located on the peninsula of the Panagia, one of the best spots of Kavala. The protagonist may be the owner, as the locals call Mehmet Ali, but I would say senses are starring too.

Use your senses and your imagination.

Besides, the place helps you use them. The sight in this case will not be your only tool. From the entrance to the exit hear, smell, feel. Initially, before the main entrance of the museum open a rotating rack to smell the curry and cinnamon.

By opening the door enjoy the smell of vanilla, which usually burn next to the large yellow lemons. Walk on the ground floor, where the kitchen was once and today are placed the historical data that accompanies it. Go upstairs to find smaller and larger rooms that hold their own secrets, which unfortunately we will never know.

Get in the room of guests where today there are features of Eastern spices: paprika, star anise, red pepper, nutmeg. Try to recognize them with your eyes closed! Can you? Continuing the visit you may follow the smell of soap, coming from the bathroom, or smoke from hookahs, standing now next to fireplaces.

And if you get tired and want to take a rest somewhere sat in two of the "salons" with big pillows and traditional rugs. If you want to continue, stop at one of the windows looking between them by touching the "knots" formed by the unique woodcut technique that exists in many Ottoman houses. You feel the sea so close and can even imagine Mohamed Ali on his horse with his sword raised that stands proud in front of the "house" and the church of Panagia. Both oxymoron and unique view.

The better end is your choice. Options are plenty: First is to enjoy a hot drink at the museum's café. The second is more suited to a spring - summer visit, as you can sit at the museum's garden between the aromatic plants; mint, oregano, mint, rosemary! A garden well cared and welcoming. Indeed many nights its hosts various musical events.

Local Tip:

Today, the house serves as a museum after many years. Combine your visit to Kavala. It is one of the few (if not the only) visited Ottoman buildings in the city and really worth!


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