Polite cafe - The ultimate spot for chilling in Kavala

Athina Ioannidou
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Polite means in Greek = For sale. But i don't know what they are going to sale or what i am finally going to buy.

Thodoris and Eirini, the owners, using their hands and creativity have created on of my favorite chilling spots in Kavala. In particular, the cafe is located in the old town of Panagia, where everything stills looks like a neighborhood safe for kids and grown ups to enjoy themselves.

The old town of Panagia is the best part of the city to walk and visit historic buildings and monuments. On of them is Imaret, which is on the exact oposite side from Polite cafe, which means that you can enjoy it on the outside while having your coffee or drink.

The everyday life is very different in this part of the city. The speed, the colors, the aesthetics enhance your moments.

Have a sit at Polite cafe and enjoy yourself, read books from the selves and feel the chill atmosphere.

Βρίσκεται στην παραδοσιακή συνοικία της Παναγίας και έτσι καταλαβαίνετε ότι σε αυτά τα εδάφη όλα είναι πιο απλά και κυρίως η καθημερινότητα.

Coffee and drinks, but also great local tea herbs and local wine can be prepared by Thodoris or Eirini.

Don't hesitate to talk to the cafe residents as most of the times are open to political, social and philosophical issues but also music and poetry.

You may also enjoy the exhibition "Traveller" of the Greek sculptor Kostas Karakitsos, wellknown for his unique techniques.

That's it for now. Check the photos and enjoy yourself!


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